Appropriate Use Criteria
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InveniQA's AUC tool easily Integrates into your existing workflow with its standalone mobile application. Compare SAM-AUC free for 30 days and experience the SAM advantage.


If SAM-AUC works for you, it's only $19.95 per ordering professional per month.

SAM-AUC delivers compliance with ease
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  • Uses the patented technology of SAM’s machine learning and semantic understanding capabilities.
  • Standalone application makes meeting CMS regulations on appropriate use easy and quick.
  • Incorporates evidence-based content from CMS qualified Provider Led Entities (qPLEs).
  • Intelligently presents relevant imaging options to the ordering professional.
  • Evaluates the full context of a patient and provides direct access to the supporting evidence behind all appropriate use recommendations.
  • Ordering professionals will have confidence their AUC decisions are well supported and will meet the CMS regulations for reimbursement.
  • Covers all eight CMS priority clinical areas.
  • Can also include internal appropriate use content to improve consistency in meeting HCO or clinic derived policies.

In the video, watch how SAM-AUC generates a valid CMS g-code with minimal workflow impact.