What you need to know before deciding on a CDSM:




Every AUC solution employs one of the following levels of integration:

No Integration - Standalone solutions require pivoting away from the EHR to enter data into the CDSM risking error and consuming valuable time.

<iframe> Integration - Visual integration within the EHR reduces the pivot, but still requires re-entry and still contains risk of error and time burden.

Contextual Integration - Full EHR integration with patient data captures patient context and delivers personalized AUC recommendations without the burdens of pivoting, double entry, human error, and lost time. 

Free isn't Free

When deciding on which AUC solution to choose, consider the hidden costs:

Time burdens

   • Pivoting away from the workflow to re-enter patient context

   • Inefficiencies passing information between clinical team members

   • Administrative efforts correcting improperly coded image orders


   • Human errors

        - Multiple patient confusion (cut and paste crossover)

        - Typos

   • Non-reimbursement due to improper pre-authorization

   • Delayed or denied service from imaging provider

   • CMS audit failure leading to penalties

SAM Advantages

Advanced semantic search technology (learn more)

  - Provides a conceptual understanding of the patient's context

  - Provides evidence based resources

  - Provides clinical pathways

Proven Heritage

  - 21 million conceptual relationships

  - 50 thousand structured learning pairs from the Mayo Clinic

  - 10 years in development and use at the Mayo Clinic

Provides full event tracking

  - Records all event timestamps for compliance

  - Audit reporting to CMS

Proven evidence-based resources easily accessible within AUC recommendations

Can populate CMS Claim form 1500 , including AUC compliance code

Integratable with furnishing provider's system

Additional Decision Support tools available:

  - Single page summarized view of Patient Context

  - Patient personalized, dynamic Clinical Pathways that update with events

  - Patient education materials easily placed into Patient Portal

"Ideally, practitioners would interact directly with the CDSM through their primary user interface, thus minimizing interruption to the clinical workflow.

 - CMS.gov Final Rule

July 2019

SAM technology is now patented

On July 18, the core technology on which SAM's semantic search and decision support functions are based was issued a comprehensive patent on 41 claims.

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